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What is Sam currently working on?
10th May 2016

Getting To Know Leo

Leo is the newest member of the Sam Anderson Team having come on board 3 months ago. Leo began his career in furniture... Read More
24th Mar 2016

The Turtle Logo

A question that I am often asked by clients is the origin of the Sam Anderson Turtle logo that is branded in silver and incorporated into every piece of Spectrum furniture we produce. Read More
17th Mar 2016

Completed Kitchen Table

We have just completed work on this kitchen table for the same London based client who commissioned our bespoke tambour door cabinet. The table top is made from English oak and has been sealed with a lime wax finish. Read More
9th Mar 2016

Tambour Door Cabinet

We were recently contacted by a London based client to create a bespoke entertainment cabinet. The piece will feature in a newly converted London basement and will be entirely black once finished! Read More
1st Mar 2016

Welcoming Leo

We are delighted to welcome Leo to the Sam Anderson Fine Furniture team. Leo has over 15 years of experience in bespoke wood work and has joined us after working at Dingwall and Banks. Read More
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